Back in the 70’s long before it was fashionable to be environmentally conscious; we Bob and Linda Dimesky of Simsbury, CT  found it very wasteful to use paper disposable items.  Instead, we used cloth napkins for paper napkins, dish cloths for paper towels and melamine plates for entertaining crowds when we  partied outdoors instead of paper plates.
 A few years later our friend and homeopath, Nancy Mazur gave us a wonderful jute bag with bamboo handles she bought for us in New Orleans.  We used it every day for one purpose or another….groceries, library books, bringing in firewood, traveling etc..  Its uses were endless and we rarely used paper or plastic grocery bags.  In doing so we spared many trees and gallons of oil. As animal lovers, after discovering fish, birds and animals were dying from ingesting them or being strangled by them we decided to offer the bags for sale.   Nearly every time we shopped with the bag, people asked where we bought it. As there were no local outlets for the bags with these wonderful bamboo handles we decided to sell them!  The response has been wonderful.   You may notice, when you travel there are so many fewer plastic bags in the trees and flying across the roadways.  Fortunately the population is much more aware of the benefits of reusable bags.

Saving Earth one bag at a time….

The mission of BagWisely is to preserve and protect our environment by reducing and hopefully someday eliminating wasteful plastic bags via the use of reusable bags. Plastic bags are not bio-degradable in most cases, cause the deaths of millions of fish, birds and animals and litter our planet.  The production of plastic bags needlessly consumes millions of gallons of oil purchased from overseas refineries.